Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unexpected Destiny Prologue

Rough and unedited....


           I can’t bear to watch Arissa anymore, so I take a walk around the complex to try to clear my head. The images of her dancing erotically with that guy are making me sick to my stomach. I really don’t know if I can stay away any longer, it hurts watching her with someone else. How do you tell the woman you are in love with that you have been watching her for most of her life and that you are completely in love with her. She might find that kind of stalker-ish. Maybe if I told her now while she is completely drunk she wouldn’t remember it, only our time together.  She is totally wasted I have watched her down shot after shot as fast as Tim and Brad would bring them to her they were gone. She is going to regret that in the morning.

     As I make my way back to the dancing area I look for Arissa. I don’t see her anywhere I am quick to check her apartment, but she isn’t there either. My heart starts to race as I panic where did she go?  I get this sick feeling wash over me, did she go back to one of those guys apartments, will she sleep with them?. I run past apartment doors trying to hear her.  Damn it why did I leave her all alone, something is wrong, I can’t feel it.
          I am almost done checking all the apartments when I hear a scream. I rush for the door and Bang on it as loud as I can. “Open this damn door NOW, I roar!” No one comes to the door, I am so afraid for her. I kick the door in and search her out. She is lying on the bed with this man on top of her. Her top is raised to her neck line and her pants are around her ankles, She is trying to fight him off. I see red as I rush to him, I throw him against the wall. Then run to him, I pick him up holding him against the wall by his neck. I punch him in the face repeatedly till his face is all busted up and bloody. I can’t think of anything other than he was hurting my love. When he is unmoving and I fear that I might have killed him. I let him drop to the floor in a crumpled mess.
      I look to the bed, to see Arissa as she shoots for the door. Our eyes lock and she freezes in place,  I know that she knows it’s me. What do I do? How do I explain that I am who she thinks I am. Do I just act like I have no idea what she is thinking? I mean I have dreamed of her every day as long as I can remember. We stand there in awkward silence for what seems like forever. The only thing I manage to get out of my mouth is “hello.”
     She stands there, I can hear her heart beating from here its racing with fear, anxiety and well I do believe love. She smiles that sweet smile and says, “hello,”  and then walks out of the door.
     I mean really just hello is all we managed. I can’t believe she just walked out, not even a thank you for saving me from the guy who was trying to rape me. Damn it I should have asked her if she was ok, or something I was just so thrown off by the way she was looking at me.