Monday, February 18, 2013

200 FB likes teaser

As promised for hitting 200 likes on FB here is your teaser. Its unedited and rough so subjuect to change.


I run my finger down his bare chest. He narrows his gaze at me so I tempt him just a little more and slide my hands down his sweat pants. Lucky me he isn’t wearing any underwear. As soon as I grab a hold of him. He flips on top of me and crushes me with a mouthwatering kiss. This is a deep kiss a need and wanting kind of kiss. He grips my neck and leans it back and trails kisses down the side of my neck. He then slides his hand down my side and rips my shirt off over my head. Within minutes I am naked with him devouring me everywhere. I can feel my sex throb and slicken. I want him inside me now. I lift my hips to him urging hin to fill me and he gently pushes them back down. He tells me "No baby just feel don’t move, just feel me." Oh I want to feel him alright. I want to run my hands all over him I can’t lie here and contain myself. I try to move again and he rolls me over onto my stomach with ease then I feel him glide his tongue down my spine. I giggle as a shiver hit me. He shushes me. I try again to stay still as he nibbles on my ear and whispers " you are so beautiful I love the curve of your back" while running his finget down my back where his tongue just left.

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