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***This is book 4 in the whiskey collection, it can be read as a stand alone, but not recommended. ***


The Twelve Cock-tales of



Christmas. That special time of year when we celebrate each other and the gift of life. Alec and Angel have a very different idea of how to celebrate Christmas. They were invited to an elite sex club for its annual Christmas party, and the theme is the twelve cock-tales of Christmas -- a sultry mix of alcohol and everything sensual that just might land you on Santa’s naughty list, if not his lap.
But like every good story, as it unfolds, will Alec and Angel withstand the curve balls life throws in their path? Love isn’t always so cut and dried, the weather outside is frightful, and lives may be lost in this erotic Christmas tale.


       Editorial Review: “Deliciously dirty right from the start.”

                                                                                        ~ Samantha Talarico.

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    Editorial Review: “If you want a short erotic story for Christmas this is your book. Charlene M. Martin has a way with erotic books. She always has you begging for more and leaving you very sexually frustrated.”                      ~ Tammie Lee @ For the love of books blog.


I lean down and tenderly kiss the top of her head then slowly slip the blindfold over her eyes before pulling each one of her wrists up and clasping them in the cuffs. Once secured loosely – I never truly want to hurt her – I raise them over her head. “Keep these up here.”

She nods in agreement, and I unclasp the top of her outfit, exposing her bare breasts. “Stay still,” I instruct as I walk back to the bar to grab my desired items. I set the tray of cookies down on the table, adjacent to the chair. By straddling her hips, though my weight isn’t on her, I position my cock over her center and gently cover her nipples in raspberry filling with the spoon from the jar-full on the tray. She wiggles a little in response. I can almost taste her raspberry. My mouth waters, but I continue down and place a little filling in her belly button.

Reaching for a gingerbread cookie, I place it over her pussy. I glide my body up hers to place another cookie in my mouth. I rub it against her lips, and she opens them, taking a bite. “Mmm.”

The remainder of the cookie I skim down her chin, neck, chest, and into the red raspberry filling coating a nipple. I bring it once more to her parted lips, and she takes another bite. “Oh God, that’s good.”

I pull the cookie from between my teeth, and ask, “You like that, do you?”

“Oh god, yes.”

I dip a cookie into the filling and take a bite. It’s one of the most unique flavors I’ve ever had. Gingerbread and raspberry -- who would’ve thought that would be a good combination?

Crunching the remainder of the cookie, I swallow and bring my mouth to her erect nipples. I deliver a long lick, swirling my tongue roughly against them. She arches her back in response. As I run my tongue down her torso to her belly button, I create a sticky trail. I lap a taste of her raspberry-filled navel, then slide my mouth lower, between her legs, taking a bite out of the cookie there. Crunch. Her body shivers in response, and I moan, meeting her excitement. Reaching down, I grab the spoon and pour a big dollop between her parted thighs. Raspberry-covered pussy. . . YUM.



*The Twelve Cock-tales of Christmas (Book 4)*

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Five Roads From Beltane

Western Interactive Book
Which Path Will You Choose?

Presented By

D’Ann Lindun, Allison Merritt,
RaeAnne Hadley, Susan Horsnell
and Margaret Tanner


Are you ready to be entertained?
A new concept in reading. One beginning, 5 different endings to choose from. Western Genre. Which path will you follow? Will it be: Hannah and Roan by D'Ann Jessica and Ethan's story by Margaret Mr. Joseph Wade by Allison Jacqueline Hamilton and Billy Williams by RaeAnne or The Bank Robbers by Susan?
The choice is yours. Once you have followed one path, at the click of a button, you are taken back to the beginning to choose another. In total you have five entirely different stories which vary in length between 20,000 and 30,000 words each, five different characters to complete the beginning.
"How does a Bank Robbery affect the people who were present?"
The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.
Which path will you choose?


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  Chapter One Beltane March 1895 Clint approached the alley leading to the rear entrance of the First National bank of Beltane. Scanning the area, he noted his men were positioned and ready as planned. They had meticulously gone over and over how the robbery was to play out. They dared not leave anything to chance. Pete was slumped against the wall of the hotel across the street with his hat pulled low over his face. His long legs were splayed out, his arms crossed over his chest. Billy is seated outside the Barber shop next door to the bank ‘reading’ the paper. The horses are tethered out front and Clay is rummaging in a saddlebag for a non-existent something. They have used ponies which won’t be recognized by any townsfolk. It’s a pity the alleyway at the back of the bank wasn’t large enough to conceal their getaway horses. A quick glance around, before he disappears into the alley, reveals the street is quiet. Most people are at home partaking of lunch. When he reached the rear door, he finds it unlocked. Sliding the kerchief up over his nose he drew his colt from the holster. Slipping inside the bank, he crept down the hall leading through to the main banking chamber at the front. He approached a partially opened office door. Jonas McCallum, Owner, the bronze nameplate announces. He shoved the door open with force and it crashed on the wall. Jonas glanced up and leapt from his chair. “What are you doing?” “Move over here before you get shot.” Clint pointed the gun toward the owner and indicated for him to move. When the man hesitated, he grabbed him by the neck and positioned his rotund body so he can wrap one arm around his neck and lodge his gun firmly in his back, before dragging him toward the front foyer of the bank. Clint opened a door leading into the teller area and stepped through with his hostage. The tellers turned and glanced at the stranger, fear and astonishment clearly etched on each face when they see their boss with a gun at his back. Their attention is diverted when the front doors crash open and Clint’s three partners charge inside. Billy turned the lock on the doors while Pete and Clay move to cover the now terrified customers. “This is a bank hold-up. Do as we say and no-one will get hurt.” Clint waved his gun at a few customers. “Get down on the floor. Don’t speak and don’t move.”  




Cover, Beginning Chapters, Formatting and Published by:
Susan Horsnell
Cover Model:
Vikkas Bhardwaj

Trailer by:
Kylie Price

Dzintra Sullivan


  The Bank Robbers Are the bank robbers, outlaws or victims of circumstance? This story will enlighten you. Roan Maxwell and Hannah Johnson The story of Miss Hannah Johnson and Mr. Roan Maxwell and how the robbery affected their future.   Jacqueline Hamilton and Billy Williams The story of Jacqueline Hamilton and Billy Williams and how the robbery affected their future.   Mr. Joseph Wade The story of Mr. Joseph Wade and how the robbery affected his future.   Jessica Smith and Ethan Beveridge The story of Jessica Smith and Ethan Beveridge and why he accuses her of stealing.


[gallery ids="270,267,268" type="rectangular"]   The choice of where to begin is now yours. When one pathway has been read, visit another. One book. One Beginning. Five completely different stories about different people involved in the robbery. Which story will be your favourite?